Thanks for the prompt scheduling of the service, even the car is smiling with the good to go report.
It's good to have a service shop where the same people tend to be there for you, the next time you need service again. Top that off with a friendly helpful staff, and that spells. ----- "Winner".
See you next time. Top of the season to you all.

As always, I appreciate the level of service I got when I walked in the door yesterday with a problem with the van. Thanks for fixing me up and getting me back on the road in such a short time!

Hi Dave and Vince,

I must say that I am concerned about this absentee owner, but ownership has its privileges.
Besides, you have an excellent man in charge when you are away. One might even say that he is inVinceable.
Okay, I'm getting carried away. The service was excellent.The rebalancing of my rear wheels has gotten rid of the vibration that I was experiencing.

Thanks again for all you do, I appreciate it,

Service was excellent. The emission problem was solved and the car was serviced. Thanks for pointing out and fixing other mechanical problems. Certainly will recommend this service center to others. Thanks.

Thank you both for your prompt attention and repair.
You saved the day!

Best Regards

Thanks Vince
You guys did what I asked and more in good time.
Plus you gave me a loaner so I wasn't Screwed for work.

JJG Flooring and Renovation

Service was wonderful as usual.
Bonus was getting to play with Ziggie.

Your service was excellent.  I like your email quote with all the details.  It makes for a good conversation about what I’d like done and/or talk about. The online information through email saves a lot of phone calls so like that. A loaner car was well appreciated.

You also identified items through your inspections that I didn’t realize were needed, which I appreciate because it gives me peace of mind to know they are looked after now, instead of having to rebook later.

Suggestion:  your link to give feedback just creates a blank email…it would be better if it was a form, or email with the word feedback in the title…I know your programmer can do that.

Have a good day.  Pray for snow.

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